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OMG! I’m so excited to show you my NikkieTutorials x BEAUTY BAY Pressed Pigment Eyeshadow PALETTE! IT LAUNCHES AUGUST 31ST AT 10AM PST ON BEAUTYBAY.COM - Together we created a gorgeous palette that contains stunning mattes, insane shimmers, and magical duo-chromes! Wanna see the full reveal? Let’s go! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!


The palette will be available on ONLY and will retail for $30/€30/£25 🏆✨


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💻 Doing LADY GAGA'S Makeup! ►

🎀 Doing My FIANCE'S Makeup! ►



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ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.

  • Elisabeth Klus

    Elisabeth Klus

    Pred 5 dnevi

    Wow this is a real queen 👑

  • Diana Pedrosa

    Diana Pedrosa

    Pred 14 dnevi

    Soooo first time, I just bought the pallette, and I'm so freaking happy. It's my first time actually buying something from Youtubers, but it's just so beautiful so I had too. Besides compared from others it's not like expensive so I had to
    Just waiting

  • Mehria Esha

    Mehria Esha

    Pred 19 dnevi

    9:19 just look at her! She's so cudeee

  • Beth Dillon

    Beth Dillon

    Pred 25 dnevi

    I’ve always liked Nikkie, but became an even bigger fan after Eurovision, just ordered this - I can’t wait x

  • Ga Gaaabi

    Ga Gaaabi

    Pred 27 dnevi

    I want to do a look on my mama with mama tutorial 😍

  • Savannah Lee

    Savannah Lee

    Pred 27 dnevi

    Got mine a few weeks ago...... I love it so much!!!!!!!!! Thank you. I wear pride literally everyday!!!!

  • Anna Morganstein

    Anna Morganstein

    Pred mesecem

    where can you get it

  • Tiffany Stockman

    Tiffany Stockman

    Pred mesecem

    I just 💘 and adore u

  • oli haden

    oli haden

    Pred 2 meseci

    Just ordered it. I’m so excited. It’s literally every color I want in one palette 😭😭😭❤️

  • Cristina .Filipe

    Cristina .Filipe

    Pred 2 meseci

    Omg no purplessssss?????? I only wear purple, or black, sooooo.....not buying, and hate red for eyeshadow I think it should be forbidden I hate it , red is for lips or cheeks, NEVER eyes...but I'm incredibly happy for you nicki your so awesome❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • gaga stå

    gaga stå

    Pred 2 meseci

    I couldn't wait any longer.... just bought it!

  • Sana Naeem

    Sana Naeem

    Pred 2 meseci

    I actually just ordered the palette And I am VERY excited to receive it
    I hope that it comes soon (Even tho it has only been 3 days) sorry I am just inpatient

  • Maria Rodriguez

    Maria Rodriguez

    Pred 3 meseci

    Hopefully my palette gets signed !🤞🥺 Just purchased this morning 😍😍🔥🔥

  • Autumn Kills

    Autumn Kills

    Pred 3 meseci

    Nikki can you please try out the
    florasis beauty palette lipstick brush.

  • Holly Easton-Lankester

    Holly Easton-Lankester

    Pred 3 meseci


  • Jax


    Pred 3 meseci

    I love this palette so much!! Could you make more video tutorials with looks only from this palette? ❤️❤️❤️

  • hafsah hussain

    hafsah hussain

    Pred 4 meseci

    I LOVE I T

  • Beth Does makup

    Beth Does makup

    Pred 4 meseci

    Got your pallette 😊😊😊😊🥰🥰🥰🥰



    Pred 4 meseci

    shades were disappointing



    Pred 4 meseci

    why on the

  • Maya Zaken

    Maya Zaken

    Pred 4 meseci

    I'm so happy for her, she really deserves this she is an amazing makeup artist and so modest and sweet

  • The Harley Show

    The Harley Show

    Pred 4 meseci

    Who else was part of the first launch?!! 😂❤️

  • evie doyle

    evie doyle

    Pred 4 meseci

    i got your pallet today and i love it

  • MissPinkPanther


    Pred 4 meseci

    Wow! I love You ♥️👍♥️

  • Erica Play’s

    Erica Play’s

    Pred 4 meseci

    Ok congrats on one amazing pallet but also congrats on being fair and setting the price of your makeup so affordable so that broke people like myself can afford one so thanks you 😊



    Pred 5 meseci

    i love this! I need ittttt

  • 민 알리사 사 미라

    민 알리사 사 미라

    Pred 5 meseci

    wich colour should I dye my hair ? not red , purple or light blond again {random question}

  • Mariola J

    Mariola J

    Pred 5 meseci

    That crazy green colour would be wonderful to create a wing 😍💚

  • EllaRose


    Pred 5 meseci

    I just got this palette for my birthday I love it so much! Best gift I've ever gotten!

  • Jacqueline Trigo

    Jacqueline Trigo

    Pred 5 meseci

    Damn those shimmers are blinding! 😎💥

  • Hey There Delilah

    Hey There Delilah

    Pred 5 meseci

    Do you have a discount code for beauty bay?

  • Wiam Yakubi

    Wiam Yakubi

    Pred 5 meseci

    can you buy it in nederland? kun je het kopen in nederland?

  • Tgh P

    Tgh P

    Pred 5 meseci

    I ordered it as a christmas present for myself at 2nd christmas day..just got it and Im gonna use it for the first time today. Thank you for making this, it looks great!

  • Phalanx Imperious

    Phalanx Imperious

    Pred 5 meseci

    As someone legally blind the mirror is amazing thanks gorl

  • Faith Lopez

    Faith Lopez

    Pred 5 meseci


  • The Dragon

    The Dragon

    Pred 5 meseci


  • RiaSavannahMakeup


    Pred 5 meseci

    literally in LOVE with this palette, Its my defo number 1 now!!

  • Frieda C

    Frieda C

    Pred 5 meseci

    Where’s this gorgeous jacket from, does anyone know?

  • K Poinsett

    K Poinsett

    Pred 5 meseci

    Literally just ordered the palette because I'm like now or never. On top of it all your such an inspiration, you're gorgeous, and I'm so happy I found your channel!

  • The Harley Show

    The Harley Show

    Pred 5 meseci

    That was hilarious! I keep watching over and over!
    Nikki: Bubblecu...Bubblecum...
    *Looks at Dylan*

  • Aimee Grober

    Aimee Grober

    Pred 5 meseci

    I bought a 2nd palette JUST FOR 'ALL IN'.
    I hit pan in one month. Its SO GOOD. Its quadruple chrome stunning glamOUr.

  • Lisa Conley

    Lisa Conley

    Pred 6 meseci

    I’m so sad I didn’t hop on this, it sold out so fast!😢😢😢 we need a restock! ( I know it’s limited edition so slim chance )

  • Lisa Conley

    Lisa Conley

    Pred 6 meseci

    So proud of you Nikki! This is a beautiful pallete and nice touch with the magnifying mirror! Love love love! ❤️

  • Amanda F.

    Amanda F.

    Pred 6 meseci

    Can you make slasher as a single shade!

  • connor acklin

    connor acklin

    Pred 6 meseci

    How is it coming off?

  • WINNIX CRAGGS Official

    WINNIX CRAGGS Official

    Pred 6 meseci

    Hopefully I get it Christmas or my birthday x

  • Nyla G

    Nyla G

    Pred 6 meseci

    Companies sell 4 color eyeshadow palettes for 50-60 dollars and we have this amazing, big palette with 2 mirrors for only 30 bucks I CANNOT EVEN-

  • thisisgettingridiculous


    Pred 6 meseci

    I wish I had an extra $30 for this palette

  • Giselle Rodriguez

    Giselle Rodriguez

    Pred 6 meseci

    I was JUST ABLE to get this ordered, and I’m SO EXCITED for its arrival💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

  • Angeles Diaz Roque

    Angeles Diaz Roque

    Pred 6 meseci

    Me gustaria que tuvieras doblaje al español,por que te sigo y no se ingles.Hoy he complido 54 años y mis hijos me regalaron tu paleta,me encantaria entender lo que dices.MUCHA suerte y felicidad en esta vida,eres preciosa y que nadie te diga lo contrario,con y sin maquillaje.Muchos besos,la paleta es preciosa y lo de los espejos genial.

  • marymargaret mcdonagh

    marymargaret mcdonagh

    Pred 6 meseci

    Are the glitter pressed pigments eye safe in this palette?

  • Efrat Basteker

    Efrat Basteker

    Pred 6 meseci

    good luck with the palette of shadow... it’s looking amazing 🤩

  • John Vu

    John Vu

    Pred 6 meseci

    Thank u for giving us such a beautiful pallate

  • so fi

    so fi

    Pred 6 meseci

    It's perfect!!

  • RajanasJourney


    Pred 6 meseci

    It is so perfect, I use it ALWAYS!!! It became my fav palette! The only thing which makes me a bit sad is that there is not a black eyeshadow ;( that’s why i have to take my James Charles palette with me if I travel somewhere 😂 but still love it like my own child

  • Every Haircolor

    Every Haircolor

    Pred 6 meseci

    Wow love the pink eyeshadow

  • Tabby Nevin

    Tabby Nevin

    Pred 6 meseci

    Does any one no if nikki has a code for beauty bay? If so what is it ?

  • Hannah Boyle

    Hannah Boyle

    Pred 6 meseci


  • Ignacio Gonzalez

    Ignacio Gonzalez

    Pred 6 meseci


  • 2029 Averi Brown

    2029 Averi Brown

    Pred 7 meseci


  • Foolish Mortal In Disney

    Foolish Mortal In Disney

    Pred 7 meseci

    My Nikkie palette came today!! (I had to wait until payday because I was moving house over the launch) So happy I got my hands on one and I can't wait to have a play with it ! It looks more gorgeous in real life that the camera too

  • Stephanie Nicholson

    Stephanie Nicholson

    Pred 7 meseci

    Thank u for dropping it on my oldest sons bday!!

  • Amy Ramos

    Amy Ramos

    Pred 7 meseci


  • kyoot nbl

    kyoot nbl

    Pred 7 meseci

    The first one just look busted compare to this one

  • Mako


    Pred 7 meseci

    I bought the palette when it first came out and I still use it almost everyday, I LOVE it!!

  • Rafia Alexa

    Rafia Alexa

    Pred 7 meseci

    Nikkie Maam!I absolutely loved your palette!Can someone tell me where can i get this palette from?

  • unicorn princess

    unicorn princess

    Pred 7 meseci


  • Isaac Caruso

    Isaac Caruso

    Pred 7 meseci

    Awe when she said Mr. Tutorials and he popped up; ADORABLE! You can feel the love through the screen! ❤️

  • Mert Süer

    Mert Süer

    Pred 7 meseci

    sam smith

  • Mary Jackson

    Mary Jackson

    Pred 7 meseci

    I’m so behind but can someone tell me the name of a video so I can see what happened with her first eyeshadow launch?

  • Michaela Jurčová

    Michaela Jurčová

    Pred 7 meseci


  • Malia Hansen

    Malia Hansen

    Pred 7 meseci


  • Monica McGahan

    Monica McGahan

    Pred 7 meseci

    Hi believe it or not I just found you because of your makeover with Drew Barrymore 😊💕 I’m 50 and feel like I should stay with neutral colors!! How can I bring in some color & not feel like i’m trying to be 20?! I’m a colorful personality:) I want to try your pallet just because of the descriptions!

  • Anna Biernat

    Anna Biernat

    Pred 7 meseci

    You are such A beatiful women😘

  • leo karim

    leo karim

    Pred 7 meseci

    Why is it limited edition?... 😔😔😭😭

  • Low End Gaming

    Low End Gaming

    Pred 7 meseci

    down the rabbit hole

  • Change Eye Color

    Change Eye Color

    Pred 7 meseci


  • Pink Bloom

    Pink Bloom

    Pred 7 meseci


  • Ruby Jean Cruz

    Ruby Jean Cruz

    Pred 7 meseci


  • Jaka Rina

    Jaka Rina

    Pred 7 meseci

    that green is more like cyan ':D

  • 🔪🔪🔪🔪


    Pred 7 meseci

    I teared up when she was talking about her brother🥺🥺

  • غُصونْ Gigi

    غُصونْ Gigi

    Pred 7 meseci

    I finally got one and I think I’m in love with this palette. I just can’t wait to play and try all the colors love you 💗

  • tokyo doraemon

    tokyo doraemon

    Pred 7 meseci

    Hi Nikkie, I know you won’t read this. But I really want to let you know many people in my country can’t receive your palette from beauty bay including myself. Many people are having trouble receiving package from Europe. I’ve been waiting my order. It’s been like a month now. I ordered from beauty bay as it’s the only site sells your product. Many girls don’t get their palettes. They are waiting more than 2 month. They are scared to speak with customer service ( they dont speak English). Hope you work on this issue.

  • Shaee Shaw

    Shaee Shaw

    Pred 8 meseci

    I freaking love it 😍 but yesss

  • Jonathan J-Stylez Heath

    Jonathan J-Stylez Heath

    Pred 8 meseci

    Do more eye tutorials with your palette.

  • Patricia Joy Bersamina

    Patricia Joy Bersamina

    Pred 8 meseci

    I just got the palette today and I am so happy!!! It also came with the pop socket I was happily surprised since I thought they're only for the first batch 🥰🥰🥰

  • Lyra Music

    Lyra Music

    Pred 8 meseci

    Omg honeyyy Im soo proutt of you!! Congrats!!

  • sarah scott

    sarah scott

    Pred 8 meseci

    I luv you Nikkie!!!!! I just got my pallet today and I can’t wait to make myself glam with it!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Paula Lazariciu

    Paula Lazariciu

    Pred 8 meseci

    Nikkie, maybe you can do something about it. We can't shop your pallete if BB packages are not delivered and everyones complains about BB services. You are the best and I really want your pallete! ❤️ Best wishes!

  • Jonah Snyder

    Jonah Snyder

    Pred 8 meseci

    Of course I see this after I promised not to by anymore makeup (all jokes aside I love this pallet)

  • Holly Sammii

    Holly Sammii

    Pred 8 meseci

    Just buy this palette 🎨❤️

  • Effie Rivera

    Effie Rivera

    Pred 8 meseci

    I am IN LOVE with this palette! I received it about a week ago and I'm just realizing how different the texture is on Ivy. its like a soft putty texture and I just want to dig my finger into it!! Of course I could never, the color is gorgeous and I need it to stay intact so I can use it forever. Anyway! this palette is so magical and my favorite color is All-In. but I love the whole palette. you did the most mazing job and for the price? unreal. thank you for this gift. and Mikai is just stunning ❤️

  • Rebecca Fluke

    Rebecca Fluke

    Pred 8 meseci

    I NEED THIS!!!
    I know I will love it because if it is coming from my absolute FAVORITE YouTuber makeup goddess. I go straight to this channel when I need makeup advice.

  • Lizzybeth Clearwater

    Lizzybeth Clearwater

    Pred 8 meseci

    My palette came in yesterday! Gonna play with it tomorrow, and I'm so excited!!

  • Tristen Porter

    Tristen Porter

    Pred 8 meseci

    What yellow pudding do you eat???! Lol 😁😁😁

  • Deepika💄Makeover


    Pred 8 meseci


  • Sylvia Jones

    Sylvia Jones

    Pred 8 meseci

    I just saw your picture on a maybelline pdq in walmart! I took a picture! Love it

  • Marzanne Thoresen

    Marzanne Thoresen

    Pred 8 meseci

    Congraz Nikki all the best with your amaising pallet. You are beautiful. Wish you could send it to South Africa😭😭😭😭

  • Mel E

    Mel E

    Pred 8 meseci

    The dutchies are QAUCKING

  • Perrine Tutin

    Perrine Tutin

    Pred 8 meseci

    I love this palette and I love you ❤️