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Objavljeno 6. jun. 2021
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Today I’m doing a CRAZY challenge: What’s in the box… MAKEUP EDITION! I have to feel and figure out what the products in the box are and create a makeup look using the products I pick! OMG!!! Plus I'm using the brand new Norvina Pro Pigment Vol. 5 palette that's launching June 7, 2021 on www.anastasiabeverlyhills.com... . 💜

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    • Abril Santos

      Abril Santos

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      Yes! I do that with a lot of things since some of my senses are non existence

    • Jennifer Eisenberg

      Jennifer Eisenberg

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      I don’t think i could, but What about identifying it by smell? Also do you know if the product you use have forever chemicals?

    • lea facchin

      lea facchin

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      Probably not LOL I can’t even identify myself

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      Terri Bell

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      I can pretty much guess fiber content in clothes and fabrics by touch by now...

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      Leanne Robertson

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  • Yari eli

    Yari eli

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    Purple is my absolute favorite color, and I need that pallete now!

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    Sadie Jones

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    Nikkie looks like Cinderella in this video she's so pretty!!!😁😜😄👍 Thank you so much Nikkie you brighten my day! Love yr videos!!!😄

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    Moa Wallin

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    Hi, what is the ultimate full coverage foundation & concealer for dry skin? Thank you 😊

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    Pearl Ooi

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    Please try the new HOLO eye shadows from F.U.N. Lacquer

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    it's annikaaa

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    13:33 it's the ✨Donald Duck Laugh✨ for me

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    Nat Sadowski

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    Nikkie can u pls review the bratz x makeup revolution collection?

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    I can feel a nail polish bottle and know the brand!

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    Denise Sumlin

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    With Love, Grace

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    Iza Posthumus

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    9:45 we love a comfortable queen 😩🤚

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    hi NT :) so, i cant id a product just by touch. but my useless superpower is that i can wiggle my ears on command. sooo, yeah...there's that. xxx x's a xillion

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    This purple dreamy eyeshadow look is gorgeous 🤩

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    Bernardo Montoya

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    Jessica Johnson

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    WINNIX CRAGGS Official

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    This was SO fun!!! TYTYTY 💕💖💕

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    Turk Kenya

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  • Luv Bugg

    Luv Bugg

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    Debrownsugar D

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    Andrew Philip

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    I don't know who, but someone actually needs to hear this, you've got to stop saving all your money. Venture into investing some, if you really want financial stability.

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      Nancy tran

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    Blaine Johnson

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    Blake Baltimore

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    Elize Beauty

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    نواف البشري

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    ما كلنها قالت الميكياج

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    Nellie Zamora

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    Heather B Collier

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    Weird Nikki

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    Hello gorgeous. I have a challenge for you if you're interested. I haven't seen anyone try this before but I could be wrong. I just came up with it honestly. Its 2 challenges in one. Full face look using face paint...but...using only primary colors (blue, red, and yellow) but also you can include white and black. You can mix the colors to get the shades you need for example: foundation and concealer. I dont know if you'll see this but I thought i would try. Youre amazing!!

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    Ester Selhorst

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    Sonja Langenfeld

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    Tania Maritz

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    Afrikaans is my native language and doos has a whole other meaning here 🤣. Love your words of the day

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      Beauty With Lyhia

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    Eleni Ananiadis

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    Leanne Robertson

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    Leanne Robertson

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    Leanne Robertson

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