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Objavljeno 14. feb. 2021
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Halsey just launched her new makeup brand: ABOUT-FACE, and after receiving the collection, I am dying to give these new products a go! I give you my raw and honest opinion as I try the line for the first time! Will my opinion cancel any future collabs with Halsey? Let's find out!! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

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  • NikkieTutorials


    Pred 4 meseci

    *the real question is... has this video canceled any future collabs with Halsey?* 😳

    • Maria Conner

      Maria Conner

      Pred 2 meseci

      how? You didnt bash her products.

    • Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson

      Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson

      Pred 3 meseci

      no way!

    • Shea Marie

      Shea Marie

      Pred 3 meseci

      I don’t think so! I would love to see Halsey do your makeup with her products since creme isn’t your fave!

    • A L

      A L

      Pred 3 meseci

      Wow girl!! You slayed that artistic look

    • Hannah Gamble

      Hannah Gamble

      Pred 3 meseci

      No I don't think so

  • Cyn Cy

    Cyn Cy

    Pred dnevom

    Looking fabulous ❤️

  • Alex Lopez World

    Alex Lopez World

    Pred 8 dnevi

    9:49 reference to You Should Be Sad.
    Ain’t nothing better than being a fan of both Halsey & Nikkie

  • Jane Peters

    Jane Peters

    Pred 12 dnevi

    I personally love doing makeup but I don't have skill or patience to learn how to use and control powder products. Also when I do my makeup I don't strive to get like a perfect result. I just like the process of putting pretty colors on my eyes and face and how nice it looks afterwards. So I really like what halsey did with this one. Because this is what the line is meant for. Just playing around and enjoying the results.

  • Sweetest_davina


    Pred 13 dnevi

    type awesome on you laptop without really typing it and look at video red video bar thing its all sparkly!!

  • lorena bjelic

    lorena bjelic

    Pred 15 dnevi

    my percy jackson soul died when i saw that she named grape shade dionysus...

  • Samanta Marina slager

    Samanta Marina slager

    Pred 15 dnevi


  • nina rivierenbuurt

    nina rivierenbuurt

    Pred 16 dnevi

    wow, its soooo beautiful😍😍😍😍😍😍💎

  • tayah Deer

    tayah Deer

    Pred 20 dnevi

    And that’s why I stan the woman. (Peep the pfp😏)

  • Shaikha Gaming

    Shaikha Gaming

    Pred 21 dnevom

    Try to make full face creemy make up

  • Real women Commit arson

    Real women Commit arson

    Pred 24 dnevi

    the artistic side looks like a painting of a river from the view of a cliff

  • Lindsay Schrier

    Lindsay Schrier

    Pred mesecem

    I got the shadow stick and I love it, but I am really struggling to get it off!! Normally I just use micellar water. Any tips?

    • Zeynep Zeynep

      Zeynep Zeynep

      Pred 27 dnevi

      You can use two phase micellar water. I sometimes use oil for heavy make up before the micellar water...

  • BionicGuatemala


    Pred mesecem

    I love it

  • Rebecca McGoldrick

    Rebecca McGoldrick

    Pred mesecem

    Girl, I love your energy sm

  • Ayush Singh

    Ayush Singh

    Pred mesecem

    So tatti

  • Rue jules

    Rue jules

    Pred mesecem

    i love how Nikkie honestly gives her opinions and thoughts. so much respect!!

  • Beauty Cookie

    Beauty Cookie

    Pred mesecem

    Each name of items are GOLD especially for this one -> 4:20 💜Dionysus💜

  • Adriana Ramos

    Adriana Ramos

    Pred mesecem


  • M M

    M M

    Pred mesecem

    Those lips are giving me life 🔥🔥🔥

  • Bristy shurtradhar Puja

    Bristy shurtradhar Puja

    Pred mesecem

    I Love Halsey 💚



    Pred mesecem

    Nikkie: Di-on-uh-sis..?
    (Very quietly in the back of my mind) *yesterday I heard you say...*

  • Mean Kit

    Mean Kit

    Pred mesecem

    Thanks 🙏🏻 for this review!

  • Shayla Celeste Mogensen

    Shayla Celeste Mogensen

    Pred mesecem

    Hey! Would you be interested in doing a video on the gemstone palettes (unofficially themed after the Marvel infinity stones)? You get 6 of them for $40 but from the color swatches they look great and I think you could have a lot of fun with the colors!

  • Kitzhun


    Pred mesecem

    Why would Nikky give a review based on a makeup look NOBODY wears? Who uses such a reflective eye make up? Maybe stage people or courtisans.

  • Nichole Crook

    Nichole Crook

    Pred mesecem

    At 9:33 Nikkie sounds just like Jennifer Coolidge and I lost it

  • Aboni Rahnum

    Aboni Rahnum

    Pred mesecem

    So nobody's gonna talk about the fact that the pink paint's name is *Dionysus* ?!

  • sue _

    sue _

    Pred mesecem


  • peetjuh3


    Pred mesecem


  • peetjuh3


    Pred mesecem


  • Aitijya Khan

    Aitijya Khan

    Pred 2 meseci

    Wooow I love your look . It's too unique
    Halsey did a great job ❤️

  • Mica Curiel

    Mica Curiel

    Pred 2 meseci


  • Ealain studios Art

    Ealain studios Art

    Pred 2 meseci

    omg i love that....if it meets somewhere in the middle welcome to the rainbow family eeeek lol ! yaaaaaaas queen

  • Aliuros


    Pred 2 meseci

    Yesss Nikkie!!! So meny ppl have been so harsh on this launch, it's so nice seeing someone giving this launch some justice

  • jinxbites


    Pred 2 meseci

    So pretty

  • Florinda Lucero

    Florinda Lucero

    Pred 2 meseci

    When are you going to try Trixie Cosmetics?

  • B 0 IL ED FURBY ? !

    B 0 IL ED FURBY ? !

    Pred 2 meseci


  • DjMeowremixer


    Pred 2 meseci

    i hope you and halsey do collab cause it would be fun and she should as an idea do your make-up as well

  • Becca Patches

    Becca Patches

    Pred 2 meseci

    Halsey is ballsy 😏

  • Hey Daydreamer

    Hey Daydreamer

    Pred 2 meseci

    I think this is really wearable. I wear makeup almost everyday and I like to put a hint of pink on my crease and cream products tend to work best on my lids. 💜

  • Nikki D

    Nikki D

    Pred 2 meseci

    I've only tried the eye paints and they are my absolute favorites I want all the shades. I'm a veterinary technician, my eye lids get oily throughout the day and they did not budge. I do a few dots on the lid then blend upwards.

  • Annika


    Pred 2 meseci

    Dionysus is literally my grandpas name and his birthday AND his name day is TODAY 😌😀😄

  • Olivia Van Slyck

    Olivia Van Slyck

    Pred 2 meseci

    she got so much in her inner corners

  • Kelley Harmon

    Kelley Harmon

    Pred 2 meseci

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL 😍 I'm a newbie at 34 to makeup and this is amazing looking makes me wanna play with makeup more.

  • Erin Yell

    Erin Yell

    Pred 2 meseci

    **bangtan intensifies**

  • Kimberley Frangipane

    Kimberley Frangipane

    Pred 2 meseci


  • evelyn Nieb

    evelyn Nieb

    Pred 2 meseci


  • Angélique Stevens

    Angélique Stevens

    Pred 2 meseci

    Nikkie looks amazing here. I also loved how she didn’t use a base because the eyeshadow cremes were smudge proof. Felt like what I would have done.

  • Nicole Yang

    Nicole Yang

    Pred 2 meseci

    The first eye you did looks like the pepsi logo lol

  • Aubree Wolf

    Aubree Wolf

    Pred 2 meseci

    Ok but I kinda love that she didn’t do like an eyeshadow palette, cause that’s what most people come out with as a first launch

  • lavanya Gargas

    lavanya Gargas

    Pred 2 meseci

    Is it because she cancelled collaboration with nikki, because she's pregnant?

  • jama newman

    jama newman

    Pred 2 meseci

    The looks you did are so beautiful!! I love it!!! 😍

  • Jenna Hyser

    Jenna Hyser

    Pred 2 meseci

    I don’t know if you saw Thomas Halberts review but he said the packaging and possibly the highlighter are all private labeled.

  • Amanda Rood

    Amanda Rood

    Pred 2 meseci

    I think the artist side looked terrible unless its editorial. I have no idea who the Halsey person even is

  • Nadiya Shakoori

    Nadiya Shakoori

    Pred 2 meseci

    About face is amazinggggg

  • Holy Grain

    Holy Grain

    Pred 2 meseci

    I love how she added Dionysus. He was the outcast of the twelve Olympians because he was that last to arrive, and he was often described as androgynous. We stan a queen that names a product after the outcast of the major gods

    • trash


      Pred 3 dnevi

      i'd definitely say that Ares is the outcast

  • C K

    C K

    Pred 2 meseci

    Your hair is Gorgeous !!!

  • Bomb 5

    Bomb 5

    Pred 2 meseci

    WOOOWWWW.......there is just something special about the finished look of these eye paints. Like, they look soooooo smooth and simply flawless 😍



    Pred 2 meseci

    OMG, Nikkie!!! That first eye is cute!!! You rock it, girl!

  • غرودة شاه

    غرودة شاه

    Pred 2 meseci

    اين العرب😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Raja Beddouri

    Raja Beddouri

    Pred 2 meseci

    I see you like 'verven' because your face looks like a 'schilderij'😅

  • Victoria Beeson

    Victoria Beeson

    Pred 2 meseci

    This is the ONLY time I have seen these About Face products work for someone. They’re literally the worst! You have to work soooo fast if you don’t want them to get too dry to work with. I love Halsey.. I hate her makeup. 😔

  • Emily Larson

    Emily Larson

    Pred 3 meseci

    “Phthalates!” Haha I died 😂

  • Kristian Ranjo

    Kristian Ranjo

    Pred 3 meseci

    Joe Black is shookt

  • Aías Daian

    Aías Daian

    Pred 3 meseci

    I love how you make beautiful verven in your face!

  • Inze Meijer Make-up Artist

    Inze Meijer Make-up Artist

    Pred 3 meseci

    Omdat je deze crème oogschaduw wilde uitproberen, wil je misschien ook eens de creme producten van Trinny Woodall testen. Ik ben daar heel erg benieuwd naar.❤

  • Karyn Sue Pohlmeier

    Karyn Sue Pohlmeier

    Pred 3 meseci

    Nikkie, PLEASE PLEASE talk about your gorgeous earrings!! I always love your earrings!! ❤💎❤💄❤
    And btw, you did an amazing job with this new creamy makeup!

  • Kate_Kosmo


    Pred 3 meseci


  • Muskaan Sareen

    Muskaan Sareen

    Pred 3 meseci

    Verven painting

  • Issy Pacanins

    Issy Pacanins

    Pred 3 meseci

    My only real gripe is that if you watch Thomas Halvert's video, the amount of plastic they use to ship everything is a bit concerning considering Halsey's brand. The amount of plastic in her products in general is a bit disappointing.

  • Alexander Alex

    Alexander Alex

    Pred 3 meseci


  • Gresa Atic

    Gresa Atic

    Pred 3 meseci

    I LOVE CREAM PRODUCTS - but cream products have been around forever... so its not a new movement lol!

  • Holly Easton-Lankester

    Holly Easton-Lankester

    Pred 3 meseci


  • Lindsey Vargas

    Lindsey Vargas

    Pred 3 meseci

    Nikki could play a young Jennifer Coolidge

  • 사랑해효진


    Pred 3 meseci

    Really love u both♡ such a fan of halsey and nikkie

  • Autumn Kills

    Autumn Kills

    Pred 3 meseci

    Nikki can you please try out the
    florasis beauty palette lipstick brush

  • Thunderous Mastermind

    Thunderous Mastermind

    Pred 3 meseci

    Nikki, your hair looks fabulous 😍 living for it rn 🤗

  • kosMos Gemini

    kosMos Gemini

    Pred 3 meseci

    Great review Niki, I’m sold🤑

  • Grace Wright

    Grace Wright

    Pred 3 meseci

    I'm rewatching this cause I am having withdrawls from your videos 😔 please post soon, we miss you and love you!!!

  • Oniku Kamisama

    Oniku Kamisama

    Pred 3 meseci

    Im concerned how yellow nikki's face compared to her chest. Is it really how foundation supposed to be?? Im young and new to makeup, nikki is the only one i watches so... idk

  • ishita meshram

    ishita meshram

    Pred 3 meseci

    Love your earrings!😍

  • Eduardo Poblete

    Eduardo Poblete

    Pred 3 meseci

    Halsey is an artistic genius... she is incredibly talented.

  • Mak Nva

    Mak Nva

    Pred 3 meseci


  • negar leilnahari

    negar leilnahari

    Pred 3 meseci

    Verven 😚

  • Aga Agnieszka

    Aga Agnieszka

    Pred 3 meseci

    Jesteś Polką? 🙂

  • Jargal Jane

    Jargal Jane

    Pred 3 meseci

    Fenty by RiRi❤
    About Face by Halsey❤
    I'm so glad that we have this artistic & talented women around us❤
    Thank you Nikkie, you are so cool❤

  • Anita Chhun

    Anita Chhun

    Pred 3 meseci

    Nikkieee, what do you think of the foaming primers? Can you pleeeeeaase do a video on new primers? 💖💖💖

  • Blanch La Lemur

    Blanch La Lemur

    Pred 3 meseci

    I don't know why I am watching your videos :D
    Nikkie, you are The Queen. Really. In fact, I am not interested in make-up. I don't even use it, only when it's a special occasion... But I can't stop watching... Your challenges are amazing and you're such a talented and funny person. I love it... And every time I'm curious what will you invent a next time...

  • Krys Copeland

    Krys Copeland

    Pred 3 meseci

    Verven! Dankjewel, lieverd! Je bent mooi, zoals een schiljderij!

  • Krys Copeland

    Krys Copeland

    Pred 3 meseci

    You pronounced it perfectly! Started following you after WIDM. I'm an American expat living in the Netherlands, and you are my favorite Dutch celeb!

  • Tony esposito

    Tony esposito

    Pred 3 meseci


  • dylan Haggins

    dylan Haggins

    Pred 3 meseci

    I love that verven you did nikk!!

  • koby madrigal

    koby madrigal

    Pred 3 meseci

    I trust Haley’s style and aesthetic, I’m so glad she has a makeup brand now 🥰

  • PADY


    Pred 3 meseci

    You are fabulous!!! Such an inspiration!!!❤❤❤

  • khade aboul hosn

    khade aboul hosn

    Pred 3 meseci

    Wait... is it me or she said "congrats mommy to be Halsey"? Omg I LOOOVE u Nikkie

  • Nicole Burrow

    Nicole Burrow

    Pred 3 meseci


  • Anieki Chan

    Anieki Chan

    Pred 3 meseci

    Nikki your beautiful second I LOVE THE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM this is what we all needed your not bashed her and I can tell this is genuine and I love this 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • that girl with the camera

    that girl with the camera

    Pred 3 meseci

    2:20 Sounds like you're casting a spell, "phthalates expliamus" 😂😂😂

  • QueenDelmarva


    Pred 3 meseci

    thank you for that side by side to get a full scope of what her shadows can do. I definitely would buy a couple of those shadow pencils. They went on so smooth!!!!!

  • Michelle Smith

    Michelle Smith

    Pred 3 meseci

    Now that you mention it, I can't remember the last time I was heard you say you're using p.louise. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Nicole Cantarelli

    Nicole Cantarelli

    Pred 3 meseci

    Love your earrings 💗 🌈