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I have a very special guest on my channel today… MADDIE ZIEGLER! Maddie recently launched a collab with Morphe so today we’re swapping our brand new palettes and getting ready together! Maddie shares the truth about Dance Moms, Sia, and what it REALLY was like filming that music video with Shia LaBeouf! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!


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    • en xue :D

      en xue :D

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      both were amazing :D

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    • Sophia


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      I lean to Maddie but I love you too

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      Deeba Hafizi

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      Maddie look was gorgeous ♥️

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  • raymond linguidi

    raymond linguidi

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    You’re wearing the same earrings

  • Joe jonas Double

    Joe jonas Double

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    Transwomen and women in one see transphobic women transwomen and women have lots in common

  • Cindy Bailey

    Cindy Bailey

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    25:04 she starts crying. Maddie is such a humble person! She never let the fame get to her, I love her so much. She grew up to be a gorges person! Btw love both of y’all’s looks! 😘 ❤️ ✨

  • chelsea walsh

    chelsea walsh

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    Maddies look reminds me of a look she did on mackenzie on mackenzies facebook, a cotton candy look! But its still so beautiful and nikkie just slays like normal ❤️

  • The Heij

    The Heij

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    Geweldig, Maddie Ziegler ongelooflijke danser en een mooi mens.

  • Dilan Hoş

    Dilan Hoş

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    Why is she talking abour Sia as "he"?

    • Jazmine


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      Lol - she was talking about *Shia* not in Shia LaBeou

  • Jodie


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    I feel like Nikkie Tutorials doesn't like Maddie's palette because she doesn't comment on it once whereas Maddie won't stop praising hers?

  • Atara Kay

    Atara Kay

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    maddis look is the winner forsure

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    Eman Rashed

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    Can we talk about how pretty Maddies look is

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    Gwyneth Thomas

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    yall have the same earings

  • Erycka Sugar

    Erycka Sugar

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    Wow el look de Maddie con tu paleta Nikki la quieroooooo

  • Spencer Bailey

    Spencer Bailey

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    this is wack bc at the time this was uploaded i was 20 and i held up the phone like nikkie
    the generational divide is so weirdly clear
    granted, im more gen z than millennial, but its SO clear with some things (how we hold up phones)

  • Emma Plays

    Emma Plays

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    me be like uhm gurl i live in beguim so Here Vlinder

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    Gita Lima rocha

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    Are they using the same earring

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    isn't maddie being groomed by sia....

  • Autumn Kills

    Autumn Kills

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    Nikki can you please try out the
    florasis beauty palette lipstick brush

  • Holly Easton-Lankester

    Holly Easton-Lankester

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  • TotallyAnouk


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    their bond is so amazing though

  • Witness ProPro

    Witness ProPro

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    What did you say to Maddie to make her cry? Why did you edit that bit out?!

  • iiihoney_aestheticii


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    Vlinder : )

  • That girl !!

    That girl !!

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    I have her palette the colours are really beautiful

  • Anneliese Berko

    Anneliese Berko

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    maddie is literally getting tears

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    Marcela Rodriguez

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    OMG they are so sweet!! I loved this collab💕💕✨✨

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    karen steurs

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    I don't have a tiktok I'm still debating it's existance :p I already have enough social media that I spend way to much time on :)

  • june smith

    june smith

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    My 2 fav people in the world 🌎

  • angela sumner

    angela sumner

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    Maddie Ziegler sister Mackenzie Ziegler did a great job on mask dance to

  • angela sumner

    angela sumner

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    I like SIA video with Maddie Ziegler dance in the video

  • Esma Ece Er

    Esma Ece Er

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  • Theodora Madeleine

    Theodora Madeleine

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    When maddie talks about singing does anyone know what songs she had to sing in the movie? 🌈

  • G S

    G S

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    Lovely video! xxx

  • The Pink Elephant

    The Pink Elephant

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    If you want to, you can transform yourself like a vlinder does 🦋

  • abewildy


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    can someone tell me where her top is from

  • MBaszczok


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    Beauty Eye Color Maddie is amazing

  • Nagham Moussa

    Nagham Moussa

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    it's maddie ziegler and i not maddie ziegler and me

  • Kelsey Daniels

    Kelsey Daniels

    Pred 4 meseci

    Ok I hate how Maddie doesn’t want to acknowledge her time on dance moms. Without dance moms she would be nothing.

    • some random bitch

      some random bitch

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      it was a toxic environment, she's allowed to forget about it and now talk about it

  • Millie loves Luna

    Millie loves Luna

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  • Tim Barton

    Tim Barton

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    Hey Nikkie just want to drop in , to say hay, and hope you doing well , awesome job, have fun and do your thing, totally cool 👍👍👍

  • exthxr_04x


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    Can you sing?
    Maddie: 👁👄👁 .... no
    Haha she’s so cute

  • Grxcielee _xoxo

    Grxcielee _xoxo

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  • Jessica Greenham

    Jessica Greenham

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    Obsessed with both of these looks, and love you and Maddie together!! Please do a part 2!

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    Lynn Berendsen

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    Both sooo prettyyyy

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    Addison Michelle

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    Faith Shapiro

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    ❤️ QUEENS ❤️

  • Faith Shapiro

    Faith Shapiro

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  • Marie Leon

    Marie Leon

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    I literally want Maddie Ziegler to make another palette or collaborate with morphe

  • Aías Daian

    Aías Daian

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    muito cute a maddie falando not to prime is a crime

  • Gabrielle


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    wait so we're not gonna talk about how they had matching earrings in? (hoops not the other ones lol)

  • chloe otton

    chloe otton

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    I love how she actually listened and responded to Maddie. Unlike CHARLI 😡

  • LovefromUdy


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    i did nothing but smile throughout this video ❤️

  • LovefromUdy


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    omgg at 16:15 she looked like kenzie 🥺

  • Amber Scheffers

    Amber Scheffers

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    This video make me cry😭❤❤

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    The evanescent cycle rahilly harm because element ipsilaterally unfasten over a clumsy kilometer. wary, wrathful card

  • Daddy Melanie

    Daddy Melanie

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    Why do i feel like before maddie film with people on YouTube she says to the people she collabs with to not say the Word dance moms or abby or something related to dance moms

  • spriingfleur


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    Alternative title: *26 minutes and 34 seconds of wholesomeness*

  • Olivia Roose

    Olivia Roose

    Pred 5 meseci

    I first watched Maddie when Dance Moms aired and it’s insane to see this insanely beautiful woman 🥺 I went from being older than her then to realizing she is much mature than me and most people my age! I can honestly say I look up to her 💕 Such a wonderful lady.

  • Jennifer Rivera

    Jennifer Rivera

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    Nikki looks so much like JoJo!! So pretty!

  • Maximoffed


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    I love how they did it virtually and not meeting up during the virus ❤️

  • Maddie Ziegler #1 FAN

    Maddie Ziegler #1 FAN

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  • Jazzy Gilbert

    Jazzy Gilbert

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    I literally thought Maddie had mascara on already 😱 her eyelashes are so long and beautiful

  • eclipse aldc

    eclipse aldc

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    Maddie is a role model.
    That just needed to be said 😁

  • Rachel Nicole Frey

    Rachel Nicole Frey

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    *Awe* Maddie seems so sweet

  • Emma Irene

    Emma Irene

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    You should COLLAB with a fan hopefully me 🥺

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    Adrian Madden

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    I teared up ❤️

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    Bolly 2008

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  • Danique Reijersen

    Danique Reijersen

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    Did no one noticed that there wearing matching earrings

  • Harald Gatza

    Harald Gatza

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    Really Maddie? You included yourself in the “older woman saying were this and that” ? You didn’t get any of what those girls got until probably the end. To say you didn’t promote it is a complete lie. Then why did you stay on the show so long? Why did you sit back and watch the other girls get tortured and leave because of how they were treated and you acted the same exact way that “older lady” did? Saying chloe is not that good referring to a duet? Making fun of Jojo Swia. You and that older lady seem to be exactly alike! More than you think!

  • maddie mortensen

    maddie mortensen

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    pov you got the imagination palate

  • Chloe Woolbright

    Chloe Woolbright

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    maddie's eye shadow really said barbie princess and the pauper vibes and im OBSESSED

  • Mae Fitzpatrick

    Mae Fitzpatrick

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    LOVE MADDIE. What a genuine and warm soul. Truly.

  • Hannah Banana

    Hannah Banana

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    She seems like such a sweet girl

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    Why am I just seeing this omg I love u

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    Yoana Balasheva

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    Maddie is soo relatable....

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    Bianka Gaik

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    oooo that shia thing did not age well😬😬

  • Ragan Lacy

    Ragan Lacy

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    That moment when Nikkie got on stage with a bunch of other influencers nearby filming her and danced her ass off 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Samantha


    Pred 6 meseci

    Maddie's comment about realty tv star was not what I expected. I watched dance moms and never once did I see those girls as anything other then dancers. The moms were played up for the show fine but those girls were there to dance. I love the both of you so much!!!

  • Joanna Harlowe Jamerson

    Joanna Harlowe Jamerson

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    Maddie IS stunning

  • Celene Onate

    Celene Onate

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    Wow I didn’t know I needed this video!!!! She’s the freakin cutest 🤍🤍

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    I LOVEEEEEEE MADDIES PALETTE. I use it allll the time.

  • Nicole Maksymiuk

    Nicole Maksymiuk

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    hey i live in Belgium but i am also polish like you!!!

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  • Just a Simp lmao

    Just a Simp lmao

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    Nikki: can u sing?
    Maddie: *panic*

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    Amanda MALCOLM

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    The elite pie conversantly enter because mosque undoubtedly return times a perpetual argentina. scared, measly pound

  • Water Is Wet

    Water Is Wet

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    The collab I never knew I needed? Also this was so cute, I cant wait until they get to meet in person.

  • Moonlight Strawberry

    Moonlight Strawberry

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    wait. hold on. someone. what is the name of the eye primer in 4:30 and where can i get it- i just can’t understand what she said really :(

    • Ametaf Johora

      Ametaf Johora

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      P Louise eye primer, nikkie uses it often

  • SoftballNatalia1


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    The way you both look are amazing with and without makeup! Both of your looks and pallets are amazing!

  • Hannah v O

    Hannah v O

    Pred 6 meseci

    What I love is that Nikkie is such a good interviewer. She always makes her guests feel so comfortable and is genuinely interested in their stories

  • Sydney Squidney

    Sydney Squidney

    Pred 6 meseci

    Anyone else think when she said “cage” I thought she was talking about the Abby lee dance studio and when she said shya I thought that was a directer! 😂

  • selly goop

    selly goop

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    I dont like that james goes everywhere where he could do this instead of touching someones face and breathing around them

  • Luis Alvarado

    Luis Alvarado

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  • Zuzanna Kowalik

    Zuzanna Kowalik

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    Flinders and Flinder i love you and u been a insperation and made me come out with my own make up account on instegram it @mythical_woods but thank you for everything

  • Alexandra Simão

    Alexandra Simão

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    Nikkie is on straight tiktok :/

  • Every Haircolor

    Every Haircolor

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    this is SO pretty!