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After coming out as transgender earlier this year, a lot of you asked for a facial feminization tutorial-an in-depth video on how to feminize features of the face. While I wasn’t ready to get so personal and raw with you, today, I’m really excited to share some makeup hacks with you! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

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      red with envy

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      Make a circle with concealer Also for people seeing this I make makeup videos

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      Vladimir Vazquez

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      hello my name is bladimir, I am Argentine and I watch your videos. I liked the video in which you open up to us, and tell us a little about your personal life. It would be great if you give your videos subtitles in different languages. kisses beautiful

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    • acidx burn808

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      Let's be honest, my favorite hack was the one that WASN'T mentioned, her wearing that little powder puff over her fingers when she did her liner so nothing would get smeared. Round of applause Nikkie, you're changing lives everyday. 👏💕🤍

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    You go girl!

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    your'e the only beauty guru I still follow. your energy is always so positive

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    Such a cuttie, acceptatie = dank je wel

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    Love everything about you ❤

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    How she gets everything perfect, I don’t know
    How she is so perfect without makeup, I also don’t know

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    Obsessed with this look!! I think it would look so fab with neon eyeshadow 💕

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    Mother of make up 💄

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    Are you trans 🏳️‍⚧️

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    Mira F.

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    I'm a trans girl pre-transition. maybe I'll practice makeup first, thank you !

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    You're just so beautiful inside and out!

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    Your confidence makes you more beautiful 💕

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    I love this. This is what we need now. Vocalizing for the community that has been kept quite. you’re amazing🥺🥰 acceptatie

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    Hit the treadmill, bubba: you'll quadruple your subscribers in 24 hours!

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    Tap don't smear. I NEVER KNEW THIS!

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    I love ❤️ you to bits Nikkie. TYSM always for sharing your knowledge, your beautiful vibes and your magnificent energy ⚡ Love and Light 🙏

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    You're gorgeous whichever label society puts on you

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    I tried searching the comments but what is that lip liner and lipstick shade. 👀It's stunning!

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    I love the eyebrow hack thank you so much

  • country boy i love uuu

    country boy i love uuu

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    I love your channel Nikki don't ever change !

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    This is honestly just the basics of makeup that no one in makeup video talks about, but we needed to hear.

  • Pineapples do not Belong on pizza

    Pineapples do not Belong on pizza

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    Who else is watching this to learn how to do their trans siblings makeup

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    I don’t do make up but I’m thoroughly enjoying this and actually learning... such a helpful explanation

  • IAN95


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    Love this

  • Michele Tambunan

    Michele Tambunan

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    Thanks so much for this! Menopause really changed my face. Your tips will definitely be used by me.

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    Nki Pmo

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    She did that!!

  • Slice Of Lime

    Slice Of Lime

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    How to feminize hands?
    You have such pretty hands!
    P.s: I m a cis woman n I m drooling over your hands!

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    Tyler Crowson

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    What sponge is she using?

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    Emerson art

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    we need more acceptatie

  • Gay Birthday

    Gay Birthday

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    I'm non-binary and I'm really struggling with how I present myself more feminine and I'm trying my best to seem more androgynous, do you have any tips?

  • Kermit


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    I really wish school would change the bathroom rules already because whenever a trans guy that looks cis walks into the Fem bathroom I get alarmed then they see me a little scared and are just like "Hey I'm trans" and then I don't care but it's kinda scary at first

  • Ari Cortes

    Ari Cortes

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    im baby trans but transitioning in the opposite direction but i still sat thru this whole thing cause i just love nikkie so much

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    Stefany Juns

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    Everyday I love this WONDERWOMAN more and more 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

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    ✨that was a powerful speech✨

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    Al B

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    No real women puts 5 gallons of makeup 😂

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      An Actual Housecat

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      eat glass

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    Homey D Clown

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    A woman with no ovaries.....ok then....

    • country boy i love uuu

      country boy i love uuu

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      a lot of woman don’t have ovaries ?

    • An Actual Housecat

      An Actual Housecat

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      women are born without ovaries all the time, women are born without whole uteruses, or half a utuerus, it doesnt make them any less of a woman so why should it in nikkis case either?

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    who else is a cis woman but needs this 🙋🏽‍♀️

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    VIP Laser

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    Love it.

  • Achilles Krishna

    Achilles Krishna

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    i'm trans masculine and when i was a senior i found out one of my friends was a trans girl who couldnt come out because of family and how our school would treat us. my favorite memory of her is when we picked out her prom dress and did her hair and makeup that night, and i wish i could sit down with her and try out this tutorial together.
    she passed away a few years ago but i hope that someone like her will watch this and see that they can be beautiful and have fun exploring makeup like we did together!!

  • Lou Lou

    Lou Lou

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    You are so beautiful! I learned a lot from this video. xoxo Thank You!!!

  • shea rorie

    shea rorie

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    Honestly Nikkie is such wholesome and beautiful soul. Even if I’ve had the worst day her videos never fail to cheer me up💕

  • Veronica Hawthorne

    Veronica Hawthorne

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    Absolutely gorgeous! I want to try that brow gel for sure. Maybe the only thing I didn't like is that you had a little too much red on the tip of your nose. The way you contoured that nose though was snatched! I wish I had your full luscious lips! I definitely have lip envy! Great video, Nikkie! Young trans youth will really appreciate this! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎

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    All i can say is them lashes change the world

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    I generally hate make up and never watch tutorials, but this was so satisfying to watch! You have great chemistry with the camera 💕

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    Love For Beauty

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    Aahhh yesss! Derma Color is the BEST!

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    But, seriously, you cannot be more feminine even without makeup! 💝

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    You’re a wonderful woman 🥰

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    Katarina Gierschner

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    Is there an alternative for setting the face with powder? I don’t have the money to buy any 💀

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    How do I cancel out my face?

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    Marina Ferreiro

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    im still watching as a cis female with strong features !

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    cheesy gubbins

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    youre so beautiful im actually amazed

  • Jack Fletcher

    Jack Fletcher

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    Thank you I'm a trans girl thats just getting into make up and youve been such a big help and inspiration

  • Random Gurl

    Random Gurl

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    Hey you should make an eyeshadow pallet that has all your favorite colors in it

  • EmmaEgypt


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    I´m a cis woman and look SO MUCH more masculine without makeup than my tgirl friends do!Cheers and thanx for all the tips

  • MeShelle Jackson

    MeShelle Jackson

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    I suck at trends, especially make up, and having hooded eyes, omg thank you! Ugh, you've literally opened my eyes 👀 !! 😄

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    angellove x

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    I'm a ciswoman but my femininity is important to me to feel beautiful and radiant and I feel like make up is a part of it, so I do use it, but I need a lot of new techniques because I just know how to deal eyeliner and mascara and I feel like I still overdo my blush

  • Kat Glitters

    Kat Glitters

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    "Feminizing face hacks"
    Girl you are a beautiful gorgeous woman without all the makeup. Unclockable!

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    Mae Bella aka Mae

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    My Love For You 😘♥️🤗 💋 💋

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    Kaysi Folsom

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    Girl you are 💯 better women then me. I have used the same MaryKay 3 eyeshadows for 23 years! I am from Texas though so I think that is acceptable 😁.

    • Kaysi Folsom

      Kaysi Folsom

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      @Sam horses here too girl and I am in the Panhandle so makeup and outside here no thank you! 70mph wind and dirt!

    • Sam


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      Pffft hahahahaha!! Yeah definitely!!! Heya fellow Texan! I never wear makeup anyway but i do own some, i just never take it out bc theres nowhere I'd go where i feel like i should. I'd rather be ridin' my horse than goin' to a ball y'know? Lol. I do like putting makeup on with my girlfriends though, its fun to dress up sometimes. ^u^

  • kacie hamilton

    kacie hamilton

    Pred 3 meseci

    im so proud of you to take your time to come out and openly talk about the past and how you felt, and you are more than welcomed into the community , and for me being bisexual this makes me emotional to hear what you went through and being scared because i was scared to come out to my family and friends, but everything finally become great for me, and you have grown to a beautiful, strong, confidant women much love for you Nikkie xx

  • Kin N

    Kin N

    Pred 3 meseci

    The texture comment does not apply to all texture. My acne (and now my post-accutane dry skin) does NOT appreciate matte foundation--because it accentuates the skin's texture. If your texture is dry skin, don't go in with a matte foundation mama

  • CarazyMayBe


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    Thank you SO MUCH FOR THIS!!

  • Sofia Cabrera

    Sofia Cabrera

    Pred 3 meseci

    Even though I was born a girl I look like a boy and kind of sound like a boy and these were super helpful thank you so much



    Pred 3 meseci

    i just wanna know out of curiosity that if she is a boy then she herself knows it and how can she be a girl so normally

    • dfri


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      nikki is a woman. she can ‘be a girl so normally’ because she *is* a girl.

    • Tate Thompson

      Tate Thompson

      Pred 3 meseci

      Nikki is not a boy, she was assigned male at birth. She medically transitioned when she was pretty young and she is able to pass very well!

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    heba haider

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    you are so beautiful

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    toxicsugar art

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    Nikkie: I’m gonna say something controversial
    Me: ooo a hot take on trans issues?
    Nikkie: shimmery bronzer
    Me: * surprised pikachu *

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    Charlotte Mattches

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    I'm so proud of you! I'm so happy that you felt like you where at the place that you could do this xxxxx

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    Autumn Kills

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    Nikki can you please try out the
    florasis beauty palette lipstick brush

  • LILY리리 :3

    LILY리리 :3

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    What is the highlight u think Nikki uses?

  • Holly Easton-Lankester

    Holly Easton-Lankester

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  • ArtsGD


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    I'm just a cis guy who hasn't even tried makeup and isn't planning on feminising his face but this video was really entertaining to watch

  • Milyons Official Page

    Milyons Official Page

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    We all need more exit 30

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    Vanessa Lamas

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    Nikki said I was beautiful and now I’m crying

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    please the beginning made me cry.

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    Trina Vega

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    Me a cis woman who hates makeup: ah yes bake that on 👏

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    J G

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    1st makeup tutorial I've ever followed & WOW! thank u for helping me turn it 😄🥰❤

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    miss tutorials i have 0 affiliation with makeup and all, but your videos are like crack to me

  • Meghan B

    Meghan B

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    I know this is truly made for the trans community but as a woman who doesn’t feel like I look like a woman, this is so helpful. I’ve always felt so masculine and it’s a big insecurity of mine.

  • bucketly


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    Kelly McKenzie

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    rosa martinez

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    You have to have at least a feminine facial feature for the make up to work in the first place. What do you do if your face is not feminine ?

    • rosa martinez

      rosa martinez

      Pred 3 meseci

      @kyungsoo's cactus collection But you have to feel at least pretty from the initial start. If a person don't have at least a little self esteem no make up in the world will work. I have done the task and felt worst about myself after words. I would accept 1% of beauty about myself but I can not achieve even that range.

    • kyungsoo's cactus collection

      kyungsoo's cactus collection

      Pred 3 meseci

      Passing ain't the point of this tutorial. It's to feel feminine and feel beautiful.

  • Josipa Vidackovic

    Josipa Vidackovic

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    I'm genuinely so proud of Nikkie

  • Jakob Moss

    Jakob Moss

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    I LOVE HER SPEECH AT 0:22-2:22

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    Lee Crow

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    Now all I need is to get makeup

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    Watson chouchou

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    Price Foster

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    Not me crying during the introduction when you take the time to say this isn’t a video for society. i haven’t even gotten to the tutorial and i know this is exactly the video i needed

  • tofuinmyrari


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    love you!!! im a cis girl, but i still immediately clicked this video as i have a very sharp jaw and more angular features, especially as I get older. Thank you for this!!